A couple of no-equipment workouts for building speed and agility

March 14, 2017

I came across the following two workouts this week. They are great for improving speed and agility and require no equipment.

Speed & Power

Full body workout, with lot's of leg work. I just did it today and left me feeling worked (in a good way). I did 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off for each of the highlighted exercises - 13 minutes total. It helped me to write the moves down on a piece of paper and keep it visible so I didn't have to remember each exercise or fumble around with my phone.


The movements highlighted here are so fluid, it's just mesmerizing. There are 44 drills. I suggest choosing 5 drills and memorizing them. Practice the movements at a slow speed to help commit them to memory - some are reminiscent of dance moves, so if you're uncoordinated like me you'll definitely want to practice. The key with drills like these are to keep your heart rate elevated which means minimal breaks and repetition. Go through all five drills, take a short rest (30 seconds or less) and repeat. Try for five times.

No agility ladder? No problem, find some chalk, cones, I've even used spare wooden stakes. Anything that will guide your footsteps. You don't even "need" any of the above, just imagine the lines. What makes these drills valuable is the speed at which they're performed.

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